Awards in section D

Danlei Ye (Canada): Nenets child7
FIAP Gold medal

Rolf Gemperle (Switzerland): David and Goliath
PSA Gold medal

Dejan Kokol (Slovenia): On a train
FZS Gold medal

Normante Ribokaite (Lithuania): Fishing 3
Salon Gold medal

Bernd Ullrich (Germany): Northern Lights Lofoten Norwegen
FIAP Silver medal

D Agung Krisprimandoyo (Indonesia): visit the mosque
FZS Silver medal

Miran Krapež (Slovenia): WAY PAST BROKEN HEART
Salon Silver medal

Sounak Banerjee (India): Boy in Greece 03
FIAP Bronze medal

JURE KRAVANJA (Slovenia): Vineyard
FZS Bronze medal

Stojan Gorup (Slovenia): Event
Salon Bronze medal

Le Thanh Ngon (Vietnam): Hoa Sung
FIAP Honorable mention

Gabriella Jerszi (Hungary): Ann and Robin
FIAP Honorable mention

Marina Pavlin (Slovenia): Low Tide in St. Michele
FIAP Honorable mention

NGO THI THU BA (Vietnam): Harvesting artificial grass
FIAP Honorable mention

Jasmina Gorjanski (Croatia): Red tram
FIAP Honorable mention

FIAP Honorable mention

son ho ngoc (Vietnam): Waiting 5
PSA Honorable mention

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